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Nepal left shaken - how can we help?

Namche Bazaar, Nepal

The impact of Nepal’s recent earthquake has been inconceivably devastating. The desire to pack a bag and get ourselves back out there to try make some kind of difference to the people of Nepal, who are currently embarking on an unimaginable challenge, is certainly difficult to ignore. The truth of the matter is however that this is really not what is needed right now. That is not to say that Nepal does not need help from all of us, far from it in fact. While Nepal has brightened the lives of so many, with its intricate mountainside temples, generous servings of post-trekking Dal Bhat and most of all the kindness of its people, Nepal now faces an incredibly long and fractured road ahead.

Currently there is still very limited information about the full extent of the impacts across the country, due to poor levels of accessibility and communications after the quake. Having been in touch with our key contacts out in Nepal, we are relieved to report that they and their families are safe, but further details on the damage in the areas we have been working is still emerging. Rest assured when we know more, you will know.

In order to support the immediate relief efforts, Himalayan Initiatives have sent funds to Humanity First UK and WorldWaterWorks to support the supply and distribution of water survival boxes; provision of drinking water is already a major problem. Longer-term Himalayan Initiatives plan to work with the local rural communities that we have already established links with, as this is where we are best placed to provide impact.

Over the coming months Himalayan Initiatives will be working closely with our partners in Nepal in order to identify the areas where we can most provide support and channel our funds to maximise long-term benefits for those affected. For this we welcome donations and will be running a number of fundraising events to support our work. While it can feel somewhat frustrating not to be able to do more to offer an instant fix, Nepal is going to need the support of its international friends both now and for a long time to come. We are very much determined to be part of that, we hope you will join us along the way.

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