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Ten days after the earthquake: an update

As news from Nepal continues to trickle in, the full extent of the earthquake’s impact remains unclear. Aid is reaching Kathmandu, the country’s capital, however major challenges remain in reaching rural communities that remain isolated, and largely inaccessible after the earthquake. With 80% of the population living in rural regions, getting aid out to these areas is essential.

Over a number of years Himalayan Initiatives has worked to establish strong relationships with a number of rural villages including the communities of Simigaon, Nele and Jhareni. Such villages are among those that the mainstream relief aid will struggle to reach. Even prior to the earthquake, these villages were far from easy to reach. In the last year or so road building has extended to Nele from the south but the road is unfinished and unreliable particularly in the monsoon season which will shortly be commencing.

What your support is allowing us to do:

Since the quake, Himalayan Initiatives has used £4500 of its funds to support the relief efforts. This has included sending funds to Humanity First UK and World Water Works in order to support the supply and distribution of water survival boxes, and to Disaster Emergency Committee Appeal which brings together 13 of the main British Charities including Oxfam and the Red Cross.

The bulk of the funds however have be channeled to our partner Nepali NGO Community Building for Sustainable Development (CBSD Nepal) to bring relief to Nele, Simigaon and the surrounding areas where we have previously worked. Kumar, chairman of CBSD Nepal (and a very dear friend) has been sourcing necessary provisions, tents, tarpaulins, food, medicines and water purifiers etc. Over the last couple of days Kumar and his team have begun distributing these supplies in the Sindhupalchok district N.E of Kathmandu. They are hoping to reach Nele and Simigaon in the next week or so, once the roads are clear.

Here are some photos that Kumar sent through today showing the devastation the earthquake has caused in the Sindhupalchok area.

And some of the first provisions being distributed.


Himalayan Initiatives have now set up an Earthquake Appeal online.Your donations are more than gratefully received, and will make such a tremendous difference to the on-going work of the charity. Anyone interested in organising fundraising/sponsored events for the appeal, can set up an online fundraising page from the same link. We have been humbled by the response we have had so far and we are determined to continue doing all we can.

While the Nepal earthquake will soon disappear from the media headlines, the devastation the quake has cause to lives and property will remain. The coming weeks, months and years will pose enormous challenges for the people of Nepal, as they try to survive and rebuild their lives. It is a situation where the on-going support and involvement of small, locally connected charities, and Nepali volunteers look to play a major role in ensuring that those communities left most vulnerable are supported rather than forgotten.

Thanks for all your support!

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