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Himalayan Initiatives' philosophy is one that promotes strong partnerships. Through working with local communities to develop their aspirations and ideas for the future exciting and innovative projects are emerging. Our role may be to link communities to other organisations and resources which maybe of help, or to fund initiatives ourselves or most likely a bit of both!  


With the rapid advance of roads into the area and the prospect of internet access in the next year or so, opportunities for enterprise can only increase and with it the potential to alleviate poverty.




In Nele Village, Lower Solu Khumbu the community wished to grow more fruit trees both for their home use and to sell excess crops in the market to generate a little extra income. By linking with a Government Agricultural Research Center in Phaplu (one days walk away) appropriate trees were identified for the village, (which is situated at an altitude of 2000m). Apple and early fruiting peach trees were provided to households along with training in how to plant and prune the trees.


Building on the success of this villagers are now keen to try growing kiwi fruit trees- one or two trees are already successfully growing locally so they know it is possible. We are tracking down suitable trees to provide to villagers at a subsidised rate.



Lower Solu Khumbu, despite its proximity to the Everest trail, sees very few tourists. It does however have great potential to promote itself as a trekking area (potentially linking to the Everest trail) and as a destination in itself offering rich cultural experiences, abundant wildlife, fabulous scenery and authentic homestays/retreats.


New trail maps including the monastery trekking route, the cheese trail and the lower Solu Khumbu cultural trail exist but there is little promotion of these routes and little infrastructure by way of lodges, homestays or camp sites to support trekkers.


Working with local communities and trekking company Tailored Treks & Expeditions we are looking at ways in which tourism can be developed in a sensitive and sustainable way to bring maximum benefits to the local providers.



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