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June 2019

Congratulations to our team of 6 who took part in the Aberdeen Kiltwalk on 2nd June. Striding out over 26 miles along the Deeside Way to Duthie Park were Annabelle Wilkins, Rosemary Munro, Natalie and board members Debbie, David and Jane.

Well done everyone! Donations are generously topped up 40% by the Hunter Foundation and can be received until the end of July. Money raised will help to fund more stoves

so please support us if you can. Many thanks!



210 more stoves...

November 2018

We are delighted to report on our latest stove distribution which took place at the end of our charity trek in November. 105 stoves were provided for Nele village and 105 for Deusa. Villagers contribute approx. 10% of the cost, the Nepal Government provides a 30% subsidy and Himalayan Initiatives funds the rest which works out at approx. £65 per stove ( this varies with exchange rate and transport costs).

Many more stoves have been requested for Deusa, Mukli and Lokhim.

We are aiming to raise funds for a further 150 stoves for distribution in October 2019. Please help if you can by donating or why not sign up for our 2019 trek!



Time to evaluate.

March 2018

Having worked with CBSD to provide over 560 stoves to households in Nele, Jhareni, Mammerku and Simigaon we felt it was time to gather more feedback from users.  We wanted to find out how satisfied they are with their stoves and if any improvements to the project are indicated. Enormous thanks to volunteer Emily Rizza and our Project Officer Mohan Basnet who, in November 2017, met with villagers to complete feedback questionnaires from 100 households.

A summary of the results will be available shortly.

 The Metal Cook Stove Project is hotting up!

June 2017

Distribution of the latest consignment of cook stoves gets underway this July.

290 stoves are bound for the villages of Nele, Jhareni and Mammerku.

Jhareni School Repairs Completed

May 2017

Minor maintenance work to the walls of the school had just been completed in April when unexpectedly strong gale force winds ripped off most of the zinc sheeting from the roof of the school. These have been restored and made more secure in good time to avoid the monsoon rains getting in. Well done to the CBSD team!

Welcome Aboard Carole-Ann !

April 2017 

We are delighted to welcome Carole-Ann Duff to the Himalayan Initiatives Board of Trustees. Carole-Ann, from Alford,  joined us on the 2016 Charity Trek and has become an important part of the team since, bringing a valuable public health perspective and lots of enthusiasm.

Thanks Carole-Ann!