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As in many rural areas in Nepal, most households in Lower Solu Khumbu cook inside their home on a mud stove or an open fire. The smoke filling the houses is not only very unpleasant but also the cause of considerable health problems for both young and old, including asthma, chronic obstructive airways disease and lung cancer.


At the request of villagers Himalayan Initiatives is funding the installation of metal stoves with chimneys as pictured. These are manufactured in Kathmandu (there is insufficient electrical supply to weld them locally) and the first 25 stoves were installed January 2015. These were very well received and appeared to meet local needs. 67 further stoves were delivered just prior to the earthquake in April 2015. The new stoves not only direct smoke out of the houses but also burn wood far more efficiently. This saves local people time and money and eases pressure on local forests. It is also anticipated that the stoves will keep the houses warmer- an important consideration at an altitude of 2000 metres or more.

Villagers are reporting an average 50% reduction in fuel used and are delighted to have smoke free houses, reporting improvement of associated health problems particularly chest and eye ailments. 

Many villagers have been using their stove in their transitional shelter and transferring it to their house once rebuilt, meaning the stoves have brought considerable relief  to those made homeless by the quakes.

The cost? A 30% Nepal Government subsidy and 1000 Rupee contribution from households means that the stoves cost us approx. £65 each including transportation. Please consider donating £65 to "Fund a Flue" and bring great benefits to people and environment!




Witnessing the successful introduction of the stoves to Nele the community in nearby Jhareni village requested similar. followed by the villages of Mammerku and Simigaon. 290 stoves were provided to these villages in 2017.

PHASE 3: EVALUATION SURVEY. Over 100 households in Nele that had received stoves previously were surveyed to assess the impact. Results were very encouraging with a very high level of satisfaction with the stoves. Many thanks to Mohan Basnet and volunteer Emily Rizza for their work on this.

PHASE 4: NELE & DEUSA At the end of our November 2018 Charity Trek to Pikey Peak we were delighted to be able to assist with the distribution of 105 stoves to householders in Nele and 105 to Deusa.

We hope to continue the project this year, 2021 with the distribution of 200 stoves to the village of Mukli.

Watch our 2 minute project video


A donation of £65 will provide a household with a metal cook stove and chimney keeping their home smokefree, reducing smoke related illness and requiring 50% less wood fuel. In addition to health benefits this means financial and labour savings and it's better for the environment too.

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