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Why should you consider going on a charity trek?

We are delighted to announce that this autumn we are running two rather spectacular charity treks. Read on to find out a bit more about what you can expect from our charity treks and why we are so passionate about running them.

Since opening its borders to tourists in the 1950s, Nepal’s economy has come to increasingly depend on the tourism industry both directly and indirectly. While Everest Base Camp and the bustling streets of Thamel, Kathmandu are now well established on many a traveller’s bucket-list, there is much much more to Nepal. We believe that the development of any tourism program should be through partnership with local communities to ensure that sustainability is top priority and that the benefits are felt by those most deserving. Our charity treks in rural Nepal allow volunteers to take on a personal challenge, while generating wide reaching benefits for local people in Nepal. Below are a few reasons why we think taking part in a charity trek is a great idea:

The incredible people you meet

The beaming smiles and warmest of welcomes you receive from one village to the next will mean you leave with friends for life.

Opportunities for cultural exchange

Charity treks offer a rare chance to gain first hand insights into village life, local histories, traditional music and dance, local wildlife, and exciting tales of snow leopard and even the native Yeti!

Support the development of sustainable and responsible tourism

Today it is increasingly clear that tourism has the potential to generate both positive and negative outcomes. We endeavour to promote the most sustainable and responsible tourism possible by working closely with our partner organisations and the local communities we visit in rural Nepal.

Achieve a personal challenge and see how the funds you raise are being used.

Our past charity treks have challenged participants to reach the summit of Pikey Peak at 4068m or Tsho Rolpa glacial lake at 4580m via Simigaon. This October we will be returning to Simigaon and Pikey Peak. These treks will be combined with the opportunity to experience project work and in particular the expansion of our metal stove project. Trekkers have the opportunity to get involved with project work and see that funds raised really are being used just where they are needed.

Enjoy the some of the best cups of tea you've ever had

We can pretty much promise that if you decide to join us on one of our charity treks, you will enjoy some of the most spectacular cups of tea you've ever had!

For all our charity treks we ask trekkers taking part to fundraise £200 (or more if you would like) for Himalayan Initiatives projects. These funds go directly towards supporting social projects in rural Nepal, they do not contribute to covering the costs of the trek itself (these costs are paid by participants themselves).

To find out more about our upcoming treks, please do get in touch!

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